Wednesday, January 23, 2013



You gotta keep the salads interesting, otherwise it's just lettuce and tomato

I adore Mexican food! And since going Raw vegan I've been challenged to to come up with new, fun, and exciting recipes to keep my taste-buds wanting more...

This is a salad version of a meatless / tortillaless burrito with fresh homemade salsa (salsa recipe here) =) 


1/2 Head Romaine lettuce
1/2 Head Butter Lettuce  
1/2 Red Onion1/2 Cup Black Olives
1 Can Organic Black Beans
1 Lemon (juiced by hand)
1 Cup Salsa


 Wash and cut the lettuce into bite size pieces.

Chop all remaining ingredients and plate your salad. Place lettuce in two large bowls and nicely spoon on the individual ingredients in a vertical manor starting with the the avocado on one side and ending with salsa.

 Hit it with a giant squeeze of lemon juice and Enjoy. =)

Suggestions and comments are allways welcomed.


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